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BACKGROUND HISTORY: About sixty years ago our family had some faithful genealogists. A great deal of research by them produced the belief (incorrect) that our Knight ancestors came from Romsey, Hampshire, England, and that John (Sr.) migrated to America in 1635 aboard the ship JAMES with his brother Richard. They both were tailors who arrived in Boston Bay and settled in Newbury, MA, north of Boston.

RECENT DISCOVERIES: Our line from Joseph Knight reaches back through Benjamin, Samuel, Samuel, John (Jr.) and finally to John (Sr.) who settled in Charlestown, MA. The two sets of Johns (in Newbury and Charlestown) were cousins and because of the close proximity of Newbury and Charlestown, it was assumed that these families of Johns were the same, and that John (Sr.) of Newbury migrated to Charlestown. Probate records now prove that the Newbury John (Sr.) lived and died in Newbury and that our set of Johns in Charlestown were from a different immigrant family, and we thus needed to find a new line to England.

LATEST RESEARCH: Because of this, several members of the family spent months and hired professional researchers to find a new "bridge" to England for the Charlestown family. That "bridge" was found in the names of Nicholas Knight and Jane Hewatt who are the parents of John Knight, chr. 1601 who married Mary Pickering and sailed for America with four children, and eventually settled in Charlestown.

ROMSEY PARISH NAMES SUBMITTED: In the process of reconstructing the parish records of Knights in Romsey all the names were examined against the IGI and those whose temple ordinances were not done, were sent in. Therefore, all Knights who lived in Romsey during the 1500 and 1600 and have now been submitted as all were inter-related. Needed ordinances for the Knight and Peck have all been sent to the temple. Please do not resubmit these names, because they will produce unwanted duplicates.

SARAH CROUCH ANNOUNCEMENT!: We have been looking for Sarah's parentage for the past five years. Two professional researchers have been hired and family efforts have been employed. The immigrant of the Crouch clan was William Crouch (1627). His wife was Sarah Lamson (1627). With the help of the professionals, more than 120 years of Crouches were studied and the couples who could be Sarah's parents were examined as to time, locations and family connections. The only one that fully qualified was Joseph Crouch (1699) and Mary Snelling (1677). By a process of elimination and very strong circumstantial evidence, it was determined that their line must be Sarah's Therefore, we can now report that four generations of ancestry of Sarah's has been added to the files and those needing LDS ordinances have been submitted. Do not submit these names to the temple. Their temple work has been completed.