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Newel Knight

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Nahum Esther Newel Anna Joseph, Jr. Polly Elizabeth

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Samuel Knight

Lydia Goldthwaite Bailey Knight McClellan

Jessee Knight

Niobrarh monument

Nauvoo newel House

Foundation of School at Knightville

Current Knightville

Niobrarh plaque for
Newel Knight

Jessee's creed

Jesse's Knightville

Death notice of
Jessee Knight

Sally Knight Palmer

John R. Young, husband to Lydia Knight

Susan Charlotte Nanney Knight wife of Samuel Knight

Lydia Knight's History written by Susa Young Gates

Lydia Knight Young, daughter of Lydia Goldthwaite Knight

Amanda Melvina McEwan Knight, wife of Jesse Knight

James McClellan, 3rd husband of Lydia Goldwaite Bailey Knigiht McClellan

Jane Caroline Loveless Knight, wife of Newel Knight, Jr.

Newel Knight, Jr., son of Newel Knight

Jesse Knight, son of Newel Knight, grandson of Joseph Knight Sr.

Lydia Goldthwaite Bailey Knight McClellan

Laura Melvina Leavitt Knight, wife of Samuel Knight

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